Technical Specification: SG-378

Gurtex SG-378: White, Water-Based Water-proofing Latex barrier

Technical Specifications

Trade Name Gurtex SG-378
Chemical Description Brush-on water-based, waterproof Latex Bitumen Barrier
Chemical Components
  • Artificial Natural Rubber Latex: 40%;
  • Titanium Oxide Fillers: 5%.
  • Calcium Chloride: 30%
  • Water 25%.

No harmful ingredients with reference to EU Standard (EU) 1907/2006.

Technology Origin USA
Appearance White Liquid paste
Viscosity @ 25°C > 10000CPS
  @ 40°C > 120000-140000 CPS
Cured Dry Time 6 Hours
PH 9.0 – 11.0
Solubility Miscible in water
Coverage 1.5 to 2 litres per square metre
Dry Film thickness 1.0 mm
Flash Point 100º Celsius (Pensky Martins Method) Not self flammable.
Vapour pressure <0.1 hPa, at 20º Celsius
Fire Resistance No explosion danger. In event of a fire, extinguish with water, foam dry chemical powder or fire-extinguisher