Gurtex® SG-168

Brush, Roller or Airless Spray application (Exterior)

Gurtex® SG-168 is a white liquid paste offering a waterproof, crack resistant, heat insulating polymer coating suitable for a wide range of materials.

Product Description

  • Waterproof, crack resistant, heat-reflecting polymer coating
  • Chemical composition:
    • Artificial rubber resin:  42%
    • Titanium oxide fillers: 20%
    • Anti-UV radiation material: 10%
    • Fillers: 10%
    • Additive 5%
    • water 13%
  • No harmful ingredients with reference to GB13690-92
  • Advance water base synthetic rubber latex.
  • Superb adhesion, suitable to apply on a wide range of building materials;
  • Superb sealing – extremely low water absorption rate
  • High chemical resistance – copes with acidic or alkaline environments
  • Low tackiness, can work with a wide range of fillers.
  • High bonding strength and good performance, with minor crack sealing capability.
  • Avoid direct exposure to open air when unused. This will cause polymerization.
  • Avoid applications on oily, greasy & dusty surfaces.
  • Reduces roof temperature between 12 – 14°