Gurtex® SG-211

Brush, Roller or Airless Spray application (Interior)

Gurtex® SG-211 is a single component, water-based, nano-cement osmotic crystalline waterproofing sealer.  It penetrates the surface of concrete and provides transparent, long-term waterproofing protection.

Product Description

This product is a milky white liquid and ready-to-use; can be sprayed or brushed.  This product penetrates below the concrete surface into air gaps.  An internal chemical reaction form a permeable hydrophobic protective layer.

  • Strong penetration: Laboratory tests showed that the average depth of penetration of 6-10mm in C40 concrete.
  • Excellent waterproof protection:  Concrete that coated with this product, will repel water like a lotus leaf – rainwater cannot penetrate.
  • Improves durability of mortar and concrete. It effectively prevents erosion caused by water, alkali, salt and other harmful substances. The building’s foundation and metal rebar do not corrode, making the concrete more durable.
  • No color change:  it does not shade or change the color or affect the appearance of concrete structure.
  • Good breathability: does not affect the moisture volatility inside the concrete structure. It effectively maintains the strength and resistance of the concrete structure over time.
  • Environmentally friendly: It is water-based and free of volatile toxic and harmful solvents.


  • General civil concrete building exterior walls, bridges and buildings
  • Below ground civil infrastructure such as concrete pipes, subways, and tunnels.
  • Water retaining and storage structures like dams, pools,  large reservoirs and protective embankments. Coastal and harbor waterproof protection.
  • Concrete storage  structures like grain silos and cement warehouses.
  • Paving and flooring: airport pavement, sidewalks, concrete paths.
  • Roof waterproof protection.