Gurtex® SG-338

Spray-on waterproofing barrier

Gurtex® SG-338 is applied as a spray that combines two chemical compounds using a twin-nozzle spray machine.

Product Description

Gurtex® SG–338 is ideally suited to provide full waterproofing and anti-corrosion coverage to surfaces that have irregular shapes and existing cracks. The product does not deteriorate in full sun or under water and will not peel.

  • High elongation ratio. The waterproof barrier stretches up to 10 times its area without tearing or imperfections
  • Very high elasticity. Recovers its shape quickly (90% recoverability within 5 minutes)
  • Fast Setting – gels in 5 seconds
  • Cures and achieves full strength in 24 hours
  • Achieves a 1.5mm thickness in a single application
  • Waterproofs and prevents corrosion
  • Can be applied over inclined planes, horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Can be applied to damp and damaged surfaces
  • Does not need to be cut to size – no joints in angle corners
  • If surface is spalling or badly damaged, apply a layer of geo-textile strips to hold substrate in place while spraying