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Gurtex® protects by waterproofing and smoothing surfaces while sealing against corrosion. Gurtex® can stop leaks caused by material deformation, heat expansion, cracking, piercing (due to the installation of roof fixtures), loose joint mountings and rust.

The micro-compounds of synthetic rubber latex and bitumen form a tough adhesion layer, permeating and bonding with the substrate surface. This effectively fills surface pores and imperfections.

After curing, Gurtex® forms a seamless, highly elastic, water-resistant membrane.

Gurtex® products are distributed by ASA New World Trading Pte. Ltd.  If you are a potential distributor for Gurtex in the Americas, Europe or the Middle East, please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Fast, easy & environment-friendly!

Fast and Easy to apply

Protects both interior and exterior areas. Spray or brush on at room temperature. Can be applied with minimal preparation of the substrate. No Primer needed. Fast curing and drying. Can be applied on damp surfaces. Covers about 1000m2 per day using 3 trained operators. Tools and equipment can be cleaned with water.

Environmentally friendly

Water-based latex barrier. Odorless. Does not leach harmful chemicals or gases into soil, water or air.

Tough and long lasting

Substantially extends the life of roofs and infrastructure. The cured membrane is noise resistance and absorbs vibration. Adheres to cement, ceramic tiles, clay, pebbles, bricks and thermal insulation.

Product Usage

  • Corrugated Roofs

The most common form of corrosion is rust, which occurs when iron combines with oxygen and water. The Gurtex® membrane isolates the base metal from the surrounding environment,   waterproofs and prevents corrosion.

  • Concrete Civil Infrastructure

Gurtex® products are an excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces. It successfully protects newly constructed structures.  It repairs damaged and deteriorated concrete structures like farm dams, culverts, waste – and irrigation channels.

  • Underground infrastructure for example tanks and tunnels

With rising water tables there is an increasing demand for reliable waterproofing of basements. Gurtex® spray and brush on products are ideal for sealing interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Horizontal concrete rooftop decks and tiled roofs

Concrete is not waterproof. Flat concrete roofs are often regarded as the roofs that tend to leak. Gurtex® products are the ideal adhesion to cover and seal expansion joints and cracks.

  • Residential infrastructure for example artificial pools and fish ponds

Newly built or refurbished ponds (interior or exterior) can be sprayed or brushed.

  • Decks and patios

Gurtex® provides a protective foundation for tiles, pavers or paint.

Gurtex® products can be applied over geo-textile fabrics to restore and amalgamate badly damaged surfaces.

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